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Little Thunder

The Little Thunder armchair’s design is based on precise geometrical shapes. It features harmonious curves and reverse curves. It is structured around an architectural, graphic vault, a timeless, archetypal shape. The armchair stands out for its energetic, surprising and fascinating character. The chair is made of laminated timber. It can be lacquered (several colour options) or a wood veneer (walnut or oak) can be applied. Its leather cushion provides a comfortable seat.

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The table is made of different pieces of plywood that are glued together under pressure. The surfaces are sandpapered and threated with a matt and very strong varnish. There are 2 levels -since the inside of the table is hollow- which is very practical for placing magazines or plaids. Under the table there are build in bullet wheels. So the gap between floor and table is very small, but at the same time, it is easy to move. The way the plywood is used (vertical) makes it very strong.

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Assemblage is what makes this sofa iconic; its individual elements, separate and detachable, are toollessly assembled without adversely affecting structural stability and robustness. This greatly facilitates toolless the sofa assembling and disassembling without any screws, nails, pegs, glue or any other component. That means that it can be transported or stored without difficulties. Also it provides a lot of combinations between wood textures, colors of metal base and fabrics.

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This stool is designed to help one to maintain neutral sitting-standing posture. By observing people’s daily behavior, the design team found the need for people to sit on stools for a shorter period of time such as sitting in the kitchen for a quick break, which inspired the team to create this stool specifically to accommodate such behavior. This stool is designed with minimal parts and structures, making the stool affordable and cost-efficient for both buyers and sellers by taking into account the productivity of manufactures.

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Magic Blocks

The boards are joined together by craft welders and finished in various colors of paint coating treatment, suitable for indoors and outdoors.Functionally, the objects are designed in different heights to overlap or simply serving its purpose individually.In vision, through different combinations, perspective and color overlap are generated to decorate different interior spaces. Functionally, the objects are designed in different heights to overlap or simply serving its purpose individually.In vision, through different combinations, perspective and color.

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In order to solve an increasingly diverse storage needs, most people will use a lot or custom cabinets. But these cabinets are difficult to adjust again to accord to changes in demand. If to buy the new cabinet, it will cause a lot of waste. Dynamic solves this problem well. It balances the change in demand with the contradiction between different storages. By "platform + accessories" adaptation under way to meet the growing storage needs of different environments. It also has a strong "growth" ability to deal with storage changes.

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