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Luxury Live edge table Sarma has a mix of rustic and chic elements. This table is highly functional, but it also gives the room a theme and a personality. This modern custom handmade dining table is from old oak with a fine copper inlay on top and finished with 3 coats of clear epoxy resin. This unique table is seated on trapezium legs with coat of fine, shining copper which eventually will age and change his color. With a geometrical design, the dining table is both intriguing and holds a designer feel. Great style can respect the environment and look luxurious in the same time!

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Jacob 1

A unique visual experience I get it every time with Yacob Sughair designs . "Jacob 1 " gives me the opportunity to re-enjoy with the engineering and mathematics elements in a creative vision by catching the default moment of formation the design and loaded multiple outlooks . It's a journey encourages sense , sight and touch to enjoying the crossing legs and special treatments of the Surfaces . It's story to live with it daily , practically and feeling love . That's " Jacob 1 "

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Jolle is a cradle inspired by Scandinavian design. The remarkable curved skids bring a slight elegant touch with it. Straight clear lines and simple forms are used to create a calm modern cradle, which also follows sustainable principles. Jolle is built to last. It should be passed on from one generation to the next and so on. Next to this longevity criteria only natural materials – felt and stone pine – are used without any metal or synthetic substances. In this way the design of Jolle combines sustainability and a graceful modern optic.

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A chairs

The chair design is an interesting interpretation of the furniture with multi-function. With the careful manipulating of design form and dimension, “A Chairs” resolve the modern world furnishing issue of creating too many items to fulfil the function requirement. By pulling and pushing of different elements within the chair, it create a four piece of furniture that could use for multiple purpose. “A chairs” not only represent a new sample of how design solve the spatial limit problems, but also showcase the new direction of designer to explore new possibility of furniture design.

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Waves bench which is designed for performing arts venue Zorlu Center PSM’s stairs in Istanbul, gives fluidity to outdoor stairs. Made of cross sections that are fabricated each one separate from the other. They are then assembled together for people to sit individually or collectively. Waves was constructed from steel, retified wood and wheels. Coming in 11 different movable modules are all harmonic to each other. Waves defines the space in a smooth way becoming urban furniture that people interact with. It is intended to be used by everyone and meant to be a meeting and resting spot for all.

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Wave is a coffee table made of ash wood. It combines opposites in many ways. The shape of the table resembles the stairs of the pyramids and the form of waves. So, it displays man-made and natural forms at the same time. The softness of the wave counterparts the angularity of the structure. Beside being a static object, it also gives the impression of dynamic motion by the fan-like rotation of the parts. Wave provides a new visual sight from every angle. By this it symbolizes the variety of nature. Wave does not contain any fittings or stiffeners. It holds itself.

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