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Lattice Chair

The word “lattice” means lines intertwined with, and intersecting, each other horizontally and vertically.Especially use Taiwan's high-quality bamboo with excellent toughness,combines bamboo craft into woodcraft via weaving bamboos and bent woods together. By preserving and integrating the flexibility of bamboos and the firmness of wood, so weight of the chair is only 4 kg, but it can withstand more than 120 kg, the lighter weight allows the elderly and children to move around more easily. Single-sided armrest design allows users to sit in a variety of ways, more free and flexible.

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The Vortex is customized by the lightness of its asymmetrical form, referring to an imagery of space deformation, resulting in its striking image and dominant presence. Breaking with any definite convention of beauty, Vortex assumes itself as a brand image, establishing a new paradigm of fire harmony. Vortex presents two different combustion solutions: Traditional Wood and with a Bioethanol Automatic Burner.

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Square and Round

The surface of the stool is made up of transparent acrylic, which can well show the internal structure and bring the new visual experience for people. When you put the stool surface straightly, it will be a very light one; When you put the stool surface upside down, it will be a side table and can put keys or some other small objects that may easy to lost inside. The connected method is using traditional double dovetail key structure, without any “metal connection”. If you get the key point you can dismount it by hand, and you will enjoy by your thinking and doing.

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Flow Collection studies perspective of abstract brushstrokes. it is inspired by the elegance fragile yet forever glass medium. The process ensures that every vessel has unique color play that mimic the dance of abstract impression. Every vessel has their own breath that is a methaphor for a soul of a piece that makes it more than mere interior object.

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Bumpy vessel balances with contrasts as rough glass pieces become ice like ornaments when combined with oval shape. Scandinavian color palette creates harmony to the studio made vases that are inspired by Nordic nature and melting ice. Bumpy vase plays with contrasts. High quality meet rough glass shards that look as ornaments when placed on the rim of the vessel.

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The handcrafted flower vase was produced by 400 pieces of precision laser cutting sheet metal with different thicknesses, stacking layer by layer, and welded piece by piece, demonstrating an artistic sculpture of flower vase, presented in a detailed pattern of the canyon. Layers of stacking metal shows the texture of canyon section, also increasing the scenarios with different ambient, creating irregularly changing natural texture effects.

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